Foot Spur – Everything you need to know 

A foot spur is a pain in the foot literally… It can cause all sorts of problems for people such as affecting your ability to walk or play sports. People usually notice a foot spur when they wake up in the morning with pain usually being felt with the first step. It’s tempting to ignore a foot spur and hope it goes away but this can lead to more serious problems later on. Ignoring foot spurs may lead to having surgery as a final resort. The thought of having surgery is quite scary for most people as there many risks involved such as risk of infection. Another down side to surgery is the bed rest involved which could mean unwanted time off work. Surgery may also not fix the problem if the root cause of the foot pain is not addressed with the surgery such as being overweight. This is why its crucial to gain the right information so that you can hopefully avoid foot spur surgery and heal yourself safely at home.

Foot Spur Causes:

A foot spur is usually caused by an inflamed ligament (plantar fascia) on the bottom of the foot. This leads to an overgrowth of bone on the heel. A doctor is the best person to diagnose the issue however with the right information its possible to get a good idea of the cause yourself. One of the most common causes is stepping on a hard stone which leads to the heel swelling up in order to protect itself. Being overweight can also cause heel pain as it puts excess strain on your heel. Poor posture and incorrect foot position are also common causes of foot spurs. 

Foot Spur Treatments:

The best treatment for a foot spur is stretching at home according to the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society. 72% of people found that stretching at home caused the pain to subside. This is great news as a lot of foot spurs can be treated at home with early detection and the right information. Another common treatment used at home is foot inserts which are specially designed to be inserted in your everyday shoes. This is inexpensive and a much easier alternative to surgery. If you have ignored your foot spur for a long time then surgery may be the only option.

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